Heat Pumps

Why choose a Heat Pump for your home or office?

•    One of the most cost-effective methods of heating
•    Instant warmth at the touch of a button
•    No mess and minimal maintenance
•    5-year guarantee as standard from installation
•    Dual use – heat in the winter, cool air conditioning in the summer

Visit the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) Energywise website to find out more:

Heat pumps are an excellent choice for heating and cooling your home or office, but you need to choose the right unit. It needs to be the right size for the space you need to heat. Having the right size unit means it will run at maximum energy efficiency - saving you money. With over 65 years’ experience in the industry we'll make sure you choose the right unit for your home or office.

The different types of heat pumps we install are:

•    Wall mounted
•    Floor mounted
•    Cassette ceiling mounted
•    Ducted systems
•    Multi-room systems

Why choose Summit Refrigeration as your installer?

•    We only install the best:
Based on all our years of industry experience, the most reliable and economical heat pumps available in New Zealand are made by Mitsubishi.  We are Mitsubishi-accredited installers, so you know you’re getting the very best.

Click here to find out more about Mitsubishi heat pumps

(We supply and install all heat pump brands, but highly recommend Mitsubishi)

•    Our heat pump guarantee
5-year guarantee on all heat pumps and installation - your peace of mind is assured.

•    Comprehensive service
Once you book your installation, we take care of everything else, including the electrical work, so our service is as stress-free for you as possible. We can also carry out all maintenance work and upgrade your existing heat pump.

•    We won’t leave a mess
Installing a heat pump does require making a certain amount of mess, but you won’t be left to clear it up afterwards. Before we start work, we place drop cloths on your floor coverings to ensure no damage occurs. We also move your furniture out of harm’s way and replace it when we’ve finished. When the job’s complete, we vacuum up any dust and debris, too.

•    You always know what’s happening
We know how frustrating it is to not know what’s going on if there’s a delay with your installation. If we are held up for any reason we’ll call and let you know exactly what’s happening so you can go about your day with the minimum of hassle and disruption.

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